What Services Do We Offer?

The ITS PMO Offers Four Levels of Service Across Our Three Areas of Discipline

  1. Comprehensive – Direct Involvement
  2. Oversight – Indirect Involvement
  3. Mentoring
  4. Procurement – Contracting Assistance on ITS Projects

These levels are not carved in stone, but they will give you an idea how each of our areas of discipline; Project Management, Business Analysis, and Quality Assurance, can help you with your project. You can engage our services as little or as much as you want. Learn more about our services (in each area of discipline) by clicking the expandable menus below.

Project Management (PM) Service Levels

  • Comprehensive project management – The ITS PMO assigns a dedicated project manager responsible for helping to define the scope, schedule, budget, and assigned resources. We manage a suite of relevant project artifacts, as well as manage communications and stakeholder relationships for the lifecycle of the project.
  • Project oversight / indirect project management – The ITS PMO assigns a project manager to assist a departmental project leader in an advisory capacity. We provide guidance with project definition and organization, stakeholder communications, and a subset of the project artifacts relevant to the project.
  • Mentoring – The ITS PMO will assign a project manager to provide guidance and share information about project management disciplines and deliverables to assist departments in managing their projects.
  • Procurement / Contracting assistance on ITS projects – The ITS PMO will assign a project manager to work with departmental resources and guide them through the procurement process in partnership with UConn Procurement and Contracting. This includes a review of RFPs, Statements of Work, and ITS security standards. We will also help to ensure that sufficient requirements gathering and gap analysis have been performed per the intended project scope prior to purchase.

Business Analyst (BA) Service Levels

  • Direct BA involvement – The ITS PMO will assign a dedicated BA for the project. We will be there from the inception of the project including putting together documents such as requirements tracking, gap analysis, current / future business process flows, and current / future data flows.
  • BA oversight / indirect BA involvement – The ITS PMO will assign a BA to assist the departmental project lead in eliciting requirements and putting together process flows in an advisory capacity. The BA can also help to create documentation related to business analysis. These include but are not limited to:
    • Requirements Traceability Matrix
    • Current / Future Data Flow
    • Current / Future Business Process Flow
    • Gap Analysis
  • Mentoring – The ITS PMO will assign a BA to guide the project team through the BA processes, deliverables, and techniques so that departments can perform BA tasks independently.
  • Procurement / Contracting assistance on ITS projects – The BA will provide assistance with eliciting the requirements that are needed for the proposal.

Quality Assurance (QA) Service Levels

  • Direct QA involvement – The ITS PMO Quality Analyst will be a dedicated resource for the project, will learn the application, and become an active user of the system. We will also provide QA artifacts, such as testing strategy and test plan, and we will coordinate the user acceptance testing event(s).
  • QA oversight / indirect QA involvement – The ITS PMO Quality Analyst will assist departmental stakeholders with the QA process and can create or help to create elements of the QA process. These include any of the following:
    • Test strategy
    • Test plan
    • Testing schedule
  • Mentoring – The ITS PMO Quality Analyst will guide team members in our QA processes and deliverables to help manage testing your projects. We will supply checklists and templates to assist in determining your testing strategy and test scenarios as needed.